Arthurs Seat: The Times they are a Changing.

Arthurs Seat chairlift opens this weekend, much to the chagrin of many locals who feel that the ‘mountain’s’ unique environment has been tarnished. Clearly we live in a time where economic pragmatism comes before the environment.   
Let’s hope people, who'll come in droves to Arthur’s Seat’s magnificent summit over the summer months, enjoy what they see but leave it as nature would have it. As for the traffic, one can only hope that the speed limit will be considerably reduced, and that all motorists will appreciate that cyclists have as much right to the road as anyone.  

Believe it or not, most drivers cautiously and patiently slow down until it is safe to pass.

For the last few years, the Jayco Herald Sun Tour has finished on top of Arthurs Seat and each year the number of spectators has grown. Perhaps surprisingly to most people, there are many cyclists who tackle the climb's 8.1% average gradient, over 3 kilometres, almost every day of the year. A climber’s paradise amidst a fairly flat region, perhaps one day soon there will even be a (safe) cycling lane all the way to the top. 

Then again, why bother? Who’d make money out of it?       

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